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Helping You Help Your Dog

All my services put your animals’ needs front and center in a safe and caring environment. I can work in a variety of ways depending on the needs of you and your pet. Take a peek below at the detailed descriptions of all the services I provide. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact me.


Get unstuck: Problem solving over the phone

30 MIN €35

What you get:

No obligation to book another appointment.

Generalised information.

A qualified and experienced listening ear.

A summery of the next best steps to take.

Advise & recommendations on training. Advise on free online sources.

Nutritional information and where to find it.

Management strategies to put in place while awaiting an appointment or assessment.  

Peace of mind.

1 to 1, Life Skills session in own home

Rome wasn't built in a day but together its half the work


1hr ½







What you get:

Observational assessment of your dog’s behaviour

Addressing the reasons for the you reached out.

Advise on general health and wellbeing (dietary & otherwise)

Assessment of the dog’s environments with advice on what to change

Management protocols to reduce problematic behaviour (depending on what that is).

A compassionate look at how to reassess household dynamics.

A power point presentation, recapping on everything that was covered in the session.

A sign posting list of where to buy what and what tools you need to make life easier to navigate for you and your dog.

Telephone support for 3 weeks after your initial consult in way of 3, 15 minute calls or unlimited voice note conversations for 21 days, post appointment. 

After your initial appointment, should you wish further in person consults it's  €65 an hour


Online appointment

€65 1 hour

This is an ONLINE consultation

What you get:

A PowerPoint presentation on the essential needs of your dog and a personalised introduction plan for the coming weeks to help your dog settle into their new home. Your session will be recorded so that you have it to keep and you can go back over all the information at your leisure.

Behaviour Consultation

Animal centred, ethical approach


€175 up to 2 hours

  • Excessive barking

  • Biting

  • Growling

  • Aggression

  • Fear

  • Repetitive behaviours

  • Resource guarding

  • Noise sensitivity

  • Touch sensitivity /touch aversion

  • Pica / eating non-food items

What to expect:

These consults can last up to 2 hours. You must fill out a behaviour form before the appointment. The appointments are held in your own home as it is important to see your dog in their own environment, where they feel safest. The appointment is in two parts. Part one will be unpacking the reasons you reached out, taking a deep dive into your dog’s behaviour and their environment. We will seek to understand what is driving your dog’s behaviours that are causing you concern. The second part of the consultation will be about putting in place some management strategies to reduce behaviour output using kind and gentle methods. A low maintenance plan will be put in place to support you and your dog. Further investigation may be required and can be employed later should you wish to go forward with a more in-depth analysis (upon recommendation).


(this is in addition to the initial consultation)


What to expect:

This service is to analysis your dog’s gait, conformation, coat patterns and potential discomfort that might be impacting on your dog’s behaviour.

The purpose of gait analysis is to detect any abnormalities in their confirmation and locomotion and to assess if their activities of daily living, (ADL’s) affected as a result of something underlying.

This process can take up 30 hours of data collection, observations, slow motion in-depth video analysis along with a report that gets submitted to the attending vet or vet referral. 

Why do a gait analysis?

Gait analysis is used to identify pain, inefficiencies or movement abnormalities. The abnormalities can occur from birth defects, degenerative conditions or injuries. These abnormalities are virtually impossible to observe in a veterinary setting and under veterinary exam chronic pain is also usually undetectable in such environments due to stress hormones which can mask a pain response in a medical exam.

The average veterinary consult is about 10 minutes long. It’s impossible to obtain the information needed for a thorough analysis. 100% of my gait analyses have resulted in a formal veterinary diagnosis of an underlying health condition that was affecting the dog’s behaviour. With the collaborative approach of a good veterinary team and skilled analysis, together we can support families and dogs that otherwise could live their entire life in undiagnosed pain or worse end up euthanised for a behaviour that resulted from a pain condition that was treatable. Having a full report with photographic and video evidence of your dog’s condition, it enables you and your vet to look back over time to see if your dog’s range of movement or coat pattern worsen over time or lessen with the right treatment. It’s an investment you will have for the whole of your dog’s life and you will also be trained in how to spot discomfort in your dog through their body language and movement

What you get:

A full behaviour reports.

A medically literate gait analysis report that can be used as a complimentary diagnostic tool for your vet.

A video with a full range of movement in slow motion illustrating the areas of potential concern.

Supporting documents and photo evidence to enable a more concise investigation by your vet.

Support in choosing a vet and communicating the findings in the form of attending a vet visit with you or speaking to your vet over the phone before and after investigations.

A video of how to spot signs of discomfort in your dog and a ‘how to’ guide on collecting data should you be an international client.

Forest Unschooling

At One with Nature

Enrichment isn't always what we think it is. Learn to understand your dog's body language in a natural setting to see what your dog's true nature is and how we can build curiosity and engagement while still giving your dog the freedom and agency he or she needs to fully express their natural behaviours pertinent to their breed and character. In these sessions you will learn to present with your dog, letting go of expectations and control and witness the pure magic that happens in real time.

Career Guidance

Do you want to become a dog trainer?

One to One Career Guidance  €65, 1 Hour

Group/Schools  €300 

Individual OR group talks

Have a sit down with a behaviourist and find out all the different ways you can go about entering the training and behaviour world. I can share my knowledge with you on how I did things, as a neuro divergent person and how I utilised my skill set from other areas of my life into the world of canine behaviour. I can sign post you to the best courses out there to suit your needs and recommend leading educational platforms that will set you up with a good foundation to starting your new career no matter what your educational needs are.

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